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We stock a great range of Neo-lite™ and Classic roof signs suitable for most driving school vehicles. Read on for advice on which sign will be most suitable for your vehicle and information on our graphics service. Note that our roof signs are supplied with regulation Red Ls unless requested otherwise.

Multifinish roof sign tri-pakTri-Pak Deals:

Order matching magnetic side decals with your roof sign and we discount the price. Tri-Pak deals are available on all our lettered roof signs so long as the graphics on the sign and side panels are the same. To order a Tri-Pak, first choose your roof sign and then use the drop down menu to select the tri-pak option.

Acrylic roof signs:High Riser Standard Choice Roof Sign

Our best-selling Neo-lite Acrylic, Mini-Acrylic and Delta roof signs feature a brilliant white smooth gloss finish and long life UV-stability. These signs will NOT fade or yellow with age. ALL of our Neo-lite signs supplied to driving instructors have the legally required white space around the red L. The base assembly is fitted with extremely powerful but light weight rare earth (neodymium) 'Neo-lite' magnets making this roof sign range one of the lightest on the market. The magnets are encased in rubber and the sign bases hand-finished to minimise the risk of damage to vehicle paintwork.

Which sign is best for my tuition vehicle?

Some vehicles have high roof curvature which restricts the choice of suitable roof sign. If you are using or intend toMini Boxer Standard Choice Roof Sign use a Ford KA, new shape Vauxhall Corsa, New shape Nissan Micra, BMW Mini, VW BEETLE, Fiat 500, Mazda 2, Seat Ibiza 2010 model, Hyundai I10 we suggest you choose from the Mini-acrylic or Delta range of roof signs which will accomodate the roof curvature. If you are unsure, or you are about to start using a new model, please contact us for advice.

Delta Range Roof Signs:

This new range of roof signs is an extended range of the Neo-Lite signs. It has been designed to maximise display Aero Standard Choice Roof Signspace whilst maintaining a sporty aerodynamic appearance. Both the Aero and Delta roof signs feature display areas to the sides - advertising to potential customers on the footpath rather than the driver behind!

Delta One Colour Roof Sign
The Delta and Aero signs are not as wide as other roof signs. This overcomes any problem related to roof shape so these signs are suitable for all tuition vehicles except the latest model Peugeot 208.

Other Roof Signs:

We supply the Maxi and Contour roof sign in the Classic range. These have two large plate magnets for secure fixing and should be used with a protective roof film. The Maxi has a very large display are to front and rear but is not suitable for the vehicles with high roof curvature listed above. The Contour roof sign was designed specifically for the Ford KA, new shape Nissan Micra and VW Beetle. It is not recommended for any other vehicle.  The Classic range roof signs are manufactured from High Impact Polystyrene and have an acrylic cap. The finish is high gloss but these signs will gradually yellow with age. Top Hat Acrylic Roof Sign

We also supply the 'Top Hat' roof L for those who want the convenience
of a roof box but don't need advertising display.


The Rover, Mini-Rover, Professional, Mini-Professional, Boxer, Mini-Boxer, High Riser, Centre L Feature, Angel, Curver, Aero and Delta roof sign designs can be supplied with illumination. Add 'Roof sign illumination' to your shopping cart to purchase. Illuminated signs have the same dimensions as our Acrylic signs but are made from a transluscent material and are attached to the roof with 3 rubber-covered ferrite mag pads. Signs are illuminated with 12V LED lighting powered by the lead supplied. The lead can be unplugged from the sign base and is designed to be wired into the vehicle sidelight circuit. Illuminated signs are supplied with a red shield to the rear face as required by vehicle lighting regulations. This gives a pink tinge to the rear of the sign (apart from the L section). Bear this in mind if ordering a lettered sign, choosing colours that will contrast sufficiently to be visible at night.

Signage precautions:

On receipt of signage you should take note of the 'precautions for use' and application instructions supplied with the product. If you mislay the instructions or want to view these before you order click here.