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Training Tools You Need For Driving Test Success


Taking your driving test can be nerve-wracking and with the current national pass rate standing at 46%, it can be even more daunting knowing a lot people fail their test the first time.

If you're learning how to drive, failing your first driving test doesn't have to be part of the deal. There are several things that you can do to set yourself up for driving test success. Whether your main concern is theory or practical, there are training resources to set you on the path to test success!

Read on to learn about the training supplies you need for driving test success.

Preparing for the Theory Test

The driving theory test checks your understanding of the Highway Code. The Highway Code is the driving rules for everyone who uses the road system in England, Scotland, and Wales.

It's very important to be familiar with the Highway Code before you start driving. It helps you know what to do in different driving situations, how to understand road signs, and what to do in the event of an accident or breakdown.

The theory test is broken into two parts. The first part involves 50 multiple-choice questions. You need to get 43 right to pass the test, and you'll have 57 minutes to complete it.

The second part is the hazard perception test. This involves watching clips and spotting potential hazards. The faster you spot the hazard, the more points you get. You can get up to 5 points for each hazard you spot, and you need 9 points to pass the test.

Driving Theory Test - Multiple Choice Questions

To prepare well, you need to do more than read the Highway Code. You need to get a feel for the actual test and the type of questions they ask. The best way to become familiar with the wording is to work through Theory Test Papers.

The papers use questions from the official DVSA theory test revision question bank. That means that you're getting the best possible revision for the test, using the same wording and style that the official test will use. The official test will not include these exact questions, but this will prepare you for the kinds of questions you will encounter.

Answer sheets are provided so you can test yourself and check the answers. It also includes a free Highway Code eBook so you can do further research on any tricky questions.

Hazard Perception Test

Preparing for the hazard perception test involves more than just watching the same few clips over and over. You need to expose yourself to a huge range of scenarios, including sleet and snow, to prepare for what comes up on the day.

The Focus Multimedia Complete Hazard Perception Test does just that. With over 1,000 clips - that's 5 hours of HD quality hazard perception training clips - you'll be ready for anything the official test throws at you.

All-in-One Theory Preparation

Do you prefer to study on the computer? Get the Complete Theory Test for Learner Drivers, Motorcyclists, and Trainee Instructors.

It's a comprehensive training package. It contains over 1,000 official questions and hazard perception training clips. If you have the internet, you can also access voiceovers in Urdu, Punjabi, Polish, and Arabic.

This package comes with a 'Pass Guarantee.' If you don't pass both parts the first time, you'll get your money back!

How to Pass Your Driving Test

Once the theory's out of the way, you've got two years to pass your practical. Most of us are raring to go, but passing the first time has nothing to do with luck or the examiner on the day. It's all down to preparation.

Complete Guide for the New Learner Driver

The journey from pedestrian to a fully-fledged driver can be daunting. You need a guide that takes you from booking your first lessons to scheduling your driving test and beyond.

The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Drive does just that. It takes you through exactly what is required in the latest theory and practical tests. It clearly shows you all the skills you need to practice, so you're ready for driving test success.

There are also useful hints and tips for parents and friends who may be helping you on your journey.

Training DVDs

There's no substitute for high-quality, practical lessons from an Approved Driving Instructor. However, it's easy to forget things in between lessons. 

DTS Practical Driving Lessons uses 35 video tutorials. They'll refresh you on all the possible routines and manoeuvres you may have to perform on your driving test.

It also includes expert answers to all the DVSA Show Me, Tell Me questions. Every test starts with a tell me question and includes one show me question during the test. Get one or both wrong, and you get a minor driving fault.

This DVD is an invaluable guide because it gives you the confidence to face your test. If you thoroughly prepare through your lessons and this DVD, there is nothing the examiner can ask you that you will not be prepared for. 

Studying for Driving Tests

If you prefer the written word, the Official DVSA Guide to Driving - The Essential Skills is the ultimate driving test training book.

You may feel confident with basic forward driving and manoeuvres. But how about overtaking, driving at night, or navigating roadworks? This comprehensive guide takes you through all these situations and more.

It's also excellent preparation for the driving theory test. It is up to date and prepares you for new developments on the road, such as smart motorways and eco-safe driving. 

Set Yourself Up for Driving Test Success

Passing your driving test isn't about luck or just about confidence. It's about gaining the skills you need ahead of time and being well prepared for all challenges on the day. Take advantage of these training supplies, and you'll be set up for driving test success.

At Grade 6 Supplies, we have everything you need to succeed in your theory and practical driving tests.

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