Choice of Graphics for Vehicle Roof Signs

by: John Wells on

We only supply roof signs with a high gloss finish and our white Neo-lite acrylic signs are guaranteed to stay white for good! We offer a full graphics service but if you prefer to have your signage completed elsewhere we can supply blank signs. We only use quality long-life vinyls which makes it easy to keep your vehicle display looking in tip-top condition.

We offer the following levels of graphics finish for magnetic roof signs:

Blank signs: Ready for your graphics provider to prepare for vinyl application. 

Before adding to cart you can tell us whether or not you want free L- Vehicle Roof Signsplates for you or your graphics supplier to apply. Note that the Angel roof sign has an embossed L-plate section and is unsuitable for applications other than driving schools.

Vehicle Roof Signs

Driving School Blanks: Select this option if you want an unlettered sign but would like us to apply regulation size red Ls for you. This option is often taken by licenced trainee instructors unable to advertise their own school name or those as yet undecided on/awaiting artwork for a business name/logo to apply to the sign. We can of course provide roof sign ‘re-lettering’ graphics when you are ready to order.

Value One Colour Signage: The cheapest option for roof signs is our popular ‘one colour’ deal and the price displayed includes your choice of textVehicle Roof Signs and typestyle cut from one of our stock vinyl colours. Your choice of font (typestyle) for ‘one-colour’ signs is limited to those suitable for vinyl cutting. The following examples are suitable for cut vinyl lettering, please contact us if you need advice on other typestyle suitability.

Fonts example 1 Fonts example 2

You can select from the following stock vinyls for a 'one-colour' design. 

Colours example 1 Fonts example 4 Fonts example 5    

Note that if you want a single colour outside our range of stock vinyls, we will probably need to print the artwork and you should purchase our ‘Custom Graphics’ option.

Graphic Advantage Signs.

Select this option if you want:

  • typestyles which are unsuitable for vinyl cutting e.g. castellar shadow 
  • more than one colour
  • non-stock vinyl colours
  • your own logo design or you want to include social media logos
  • coloured backgrounds
  • photographic artwork
  • your graphics were professionally designed and you can supply artwork in Adobe PDF, postscript or illustrator formats.

This level of finish has unlimited content. We will choose the most appropriate production method for your artwork design. We may cut vinyl lettering from our stock range or print your design onto vinyl using spot colours or full colour process printing. Where practical we will profile your design (cut out the lettering and graphics to maximise the benefit of the gloss background). Based on our knowledge and experience we may blend printed and profiled graphics with cut vinyl graphics to get the best colour match and lifetime for your signage. It is because we take time to get the best result for our customers that our reputation for signage production is so good!

The following additional spot colours/vinyls are available with our 'No limit' option:

Colours Example 6

Reflective vinyls: We have the following reflective vinyls available at extra cost. 


You can add these to your design from the signs additions category. Note that in the UK reflective red may only be shown at the rear of the vehicle to comply with vehicle lighting regulations. We also have available a ‘reflective black’ vinyl (appears white at night with incident light). This material can add significantly to the cost of signage but please contact us if you want advice and/or a quote for supply of reflective black vinyl. Note that the full effect of reflective material can only be seen in darkness with low level incident light.  


Proofs: We can supply an electronic image showing the layout of your sign provided that we have a valid e-mail address for you. We will only supply proofs on request and only after we have received payment for your order. Please allow up to three clear working days for a proof to be sent. Your order will not proceed until we have confirmation that you are happy with the proof and any amendments. If you would like a proof please check the relevant box before adding to cart. If after receiving a proof you do not approve it but choose to cancel all or part of your order you agree that we may deduct from any refund a nominal sum to cover our time costs in preparing artwork and sending proofs. This sum will be no greater than 50% of the value of the personalized product ordered and no more than £25 excluding VAT.