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How to position your rearview mirror for ADIs

The ability to clearly see what is happening all around on the road as an ADI and learner driver is vital. As the old adage goes, assume every other road user is a risk.

A key part of havi ...

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Can UK learner drivers drive at night?

Learner drivers holding a provisional license may drive at night so long as they are suitably supervised. Driving at night brings its own set of distinct challen ...

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Do driving instructor cars need L plates? The rules and regulations

Before taking a learner driver out, both the instructor and learner must meet all the legal requirements outlined by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency in t ...

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Choosing the Right Roof Top Box for Driving Instructors

A well-designed rooftop sign makes it easier to alert road users that a student driver is behind the wheel. Additionally, it enables driving sch ...

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What Mirror is Best for Driving Instructors?

When steering behind the wheel, keen observation of the road from all angles is a necessity. Mirrors are useful tools fitted in your car to broaden your view all ...

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Practical Teaching Skills and Tips for Driving Instructors

As an instructor, you have an important role in shaping the driving abilities of your learners. For this reason, strive to provide active learni ...

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The Evolution of Learning to Drive

The government has been continuing its mission to improve young driver road safety.

At present, UK has on ...

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DIA comments on new Target 51 Standards Check Guide

We were delighted to receive the following endorsement from the about our latest title available to driver and rider trainers. 

"Since the introducti ...

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MSA review of Target 51 - The Standards Check

Our latest product, Target 51 The Standards Check was recently reviewed in Newslink - the monthly publication of The Motor Schools Association (MSA):

"Written by regular Newslink columnist ...

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ADI training materials from Grade Six Supplies

It’s so important to keep up to date with driving tests and DVSA requirements. As an Approved Driving Instructor, staying on top of your game gives your students much higher pass rates.

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Books to help you pass your theory test

Learning to drive can get really expensive and you probably want to pass your test as quickly as possible. The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have published a whole range of Theory bo ...

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How to become an approved driving instructor (ADI)

There are many benefits to becoming an approved driving instructor (ADI). From the strong sense of work satisfaction to the flexible working hours and the freedom of being your own boss.

Th ...

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Preparing for the ADI standards check

Firstly, there are a few common things that ADIs fail their standards checks on:

  • Failing to adapt during the lesson – to the drivers needs or style
  • Not properly cov ...
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Support your PDI training with our practical guide to the ADI standards check

Our PDI training books can help you work towards passing the ADI standards check and starting yourread more

How to get your ADI vehicle learner ready

Your car is an important consideration as an approved driving instructor (ADI). There are a number of things that need to be considered in order to make it suitable for you to teach pupils in. You ...

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Our ADI training materials can help support your initial training or CPD

One thing all approved driving instructors (ADI) know is that they have to be on top of their game at all times. Students rely on their instructors to be up to date and knowledgeable on all aspects of ...
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Stock up with our full range of driving school supplies

Summer and early autumn can be busy times for driving schools. The longer days mean that many test centres increase the number of available tests. Additionally, the summer break for schools, colleg ...

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Get your business motoring with a new roof sign for your driving school

Get your business motoring with a new roof sign for your driving school

Roof signs are one of the most prominent ways of advertising your driving school. They're a great way to raise awaren ...

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Get the most from your DVSA theory books to pass first time

If you’re hoping to be in the driving seat soon and are adamant that you pass your driving test first time, then there are some great tips to give you confidence and ensure you have covered all the ...

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Essential driving school supplies for self-employed driving instructors

Building a career as a driving instructor can be incredibly rewarding. Far from being chained to a desk, it’s a lifestyle that offers independence both for you, and for the individuals you teach, a ...

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How can I stand out from the crowd as a driving instructor?

An effective marketing strategy will draw attention to your business for all the right reasons. Whether you’re a large and established driving school or a one-man band, differentiating yourself fro ...

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Magnetic roof signs and motorway tuition.

With impending changes in legislation we have had an increasing number of driving instructors asking about the suitability of read more

How to pass the ADI exams

In order to charge for driving lessons you must first become an ADI (approved driving instructor), which involves proving your competence by passing a three-part test. The qualification requires yo ...

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What can and can’t a learner driver do in the UK?

From taking a look at the public’s Google searches of ‘can a learner driver…’ we can see that there’s a lot of confusion surrounding what a learner driver can legally do in the UK. Although some of ...

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Not all drivers are equal - how to approach confident and nervous drivers

When it comes to teaching learners to drive, most driving instructors automatically vary their methods depending on the student in question and their confidence levels. A nervous driver will likely ...

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How to overcome driving test nerves

It’s perfectly natural, and even a good thing to feel slightly nervous before taking your driving test – as it shows you understand the responsibility that comes with being a licensed driver. But f ...

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Why choose you? How to build value and position yourself as an independent driving instructor

Setting yourself up as an independent driving instructor can be a daunting prospect, given the competitive nature of the market. Your business does have the potential to thrive though, if you develop ...
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The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About UK Driving Tests

All learner drivers dream of the day they finally drop the L-plates. Yet after hours of practice behind the wheel they are often faced with preparation for the logistics of the test itself. We answ ...

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Choosing the right dual control kit for your driving instructor vehicle

Having dual control kits fitted is common practice for most ADIs, yet with many kits in th ...

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Common Driving Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

Whether you’re a new driver or you’ve been driving for most of your life, everyone is capable of mistakes from time to time. What’s important is that you recognise these mistakes and then you can c ...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Driving Instruction

Are you interested in becoming a driving instructor? If the aforementioned career has ever interested you, you’re in luck! We’ve taken the time to construct a list of frequently asked questions to ...

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Magnetic Roof Signs and Motorway Tuition

With recent changes in legislation regarding learner drivers on motorways we have had an increasing number of driving instructors asking about the suitability of magnetic roof signs for motorway tu ...

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