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Choosing the Right Roof Top Box for Driving Instructors


A well-designed rooftop sign makes it easier to alert road users that a student driver is behind the wheel. Additionally, it enables driving schools and different types of businesses to advertise their services and boost brand awareness. 

To pick the right roof top box or sign, you need to consider a wide variety of factors, such as design, cost, customisation, material, illumination, and colour. Cheaper signs usually come with limited roof top box customisation options. However, they can still provide the basic display functionality you need. 

There are various plain and customised signs from which to choose. As such, you can select the ideal product with a design that suits your specific needs. Opting for a plain sign allows you to customize the item with your logo using complex graphics provided by a designer. 

You can pick a sign from a wide variety of colours, including black, white, silver, yellow, and orange. Adopting a design with contrasting colours enhances visibility and readability while making the sign eye-catching. Some designs and colours maximise visibility based on the principles of consumer psychology.

Types of rooftop signs

When selecting a roof top box or sign, you will find different types of options, including mini-acrylic signs, Aero and Delta signs, neo-lite acrylic signs, and illuminated variants. The majority of these signs come with a smooth gloss finish for a professional, attractive look.

You can count on acrylic signs to provide long life UV stability, which means that your rooftop sign will not discolour over time. Aero and Delta signs, on the other hand, help minimise drag without compromising on the aesthetics. These sporty variants feature display areas to the sides.

Illuminated roof top box signs are made of a translucent material and incorporate LED lighting to maximize visibility at night. 

Product range 

Grade Six Supplies offers quality magnetic vehicle roof signs that can be fitted on different types of vehicles. They come with powerful magpads, which help keep the roof top box firmly attached to the vehicle. Rubber cases reduce the risk of unwanted damage to the paintwork.

High Riser Roof Sign

This sign provides larger advertising space and improved visibility. You can apply a design that matches your branding or other display needs. The retailer allows you to upload artwork or other graphics for printing. The high rise sign makes it easier for your display to stand out and attract attention.

Pros and cons of the High Riser Roof Sign



Aero Acrylic Roof Sign

The Aero Acrylic roof top box is available as a plain sign that you can customize to suit your display requirements. The best part is that it works well with different types of vehicles, including models with high roof curvature. This aspect allows you to fit the roof top box on multiple vehicles that form part of your fleet. 

Pros and cons of the Aero Acrylic Roof Sign



Mini-Boxer Roof Sign

The Mini-Boxer Roof Sign can accommodate simple text and complex graphics, including logos. This product is available in a variety of colours, including green, teal, orange, apricot, cyclamen, chocolate, grey (light and dark), red, and multiple shades of blue. This roof top box works well on vehicles with high rood curvature.

Pros and cons of the Mini-Boxer Roof Sign



Aero Roof Sign

This roof top box makes it easier to advertise your services or display road alert signs. It provides superior aerodynamic characteristics thanks to its shape. You can use this sign on top of any tuition vehicle regardless of the roof's height. On the other hand, GS6 allows you to submit artwork for the CYMK printing process. 

Pros and cons of the Aero Roof Sign



Black Professional Roof Sign

The Black Professional Roof Sign is made of acrylic, thus making it resistant to discolouration when exposed to the sun's ultra-violet rays. This roof top box comes with or without the 'L' section depending on your specifications. 

Pros and cons of the Black Professional Roof Sign



Check out our full range of roof top boxes and car roof signs to find your ideal sign.