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Driving Test Angels

by: John Wells on

Heart racing, mind going blank, legs shaking and loss of concentration are all symptoms associated with fear and are often manifest by test candidates. Is this always due to lack of preparation?

As a psychotherapist specialising in Performance Anxiety and Exam Nerves, Christine Pirrie says not. The reality is that the way our brains function can cause these physical symptoms as part of our instinctive ‘fight or flight’ response to stress. 

With an increasing number of clients seeking her help with Driving Test nerves, Christine launched the Driving Test Angel audio programme for learner drivers. Initially available only as a download, the product has been so successful and had so many great testimonials that it is now offered on Audio CD. 

Using relaxation techniques to overcome anxiety about stressful situations is nothing new and there are several products on the market that claim to use ‘Positive Thinking’ as a key to success. 

However, Christine says, “Positive Thinking alone is not enough!” Most self-help products deal with “Positive Thinking” affirmations, something like: “I am calm and relaxed, I am confident”. Your brain is like a Sat Nav, a navigation system. You punch in where you want to go and it takes you there. Whether a pupil has failed a test or is worried about failing, then “Failure” is what they are focusing on. Your pupil is programming their brain for failure! Every time those negative thoughts are repeated, the ‘program’ is reinforced. 
So change the program! Pupils can give themselves the Mental Stance required to Pass. This Audio Program is not just advice or information on how to stay calm during a driving test.

It is designed to “Program the Mind” for Success!

The Driving Test Angel audio CD retail £10.95 contains: 
    Track 1. Introduction explaining why we panic and what we can do about it. 
    Track 2. Mental Training to Program your Mind for Success. 
    Track 3. “Stress Buster” program, 15 minutes of deep, beneficial relaxation!


After requests from PDIs and ADI trainers Christine has now launched a new audio CD for ADI part 3 candidates. The unique ADI PART 3 TEST ANGEL audio CD is the only product of it’s type specifically designed for PDIs. This audio program is designed to help you:
ADI Part 3 Test Angel Audio CD
• Stay calm, focused and level-headed.
• Remain in control of your thoughts and body.
• Deal with fear of failure and fear of panicking.
• Deal with the fear of being examined and judged.

For PDIs, Part 3 tests your Teaching Ability. A very high level of competence is expected and PDIs need to show that they are in control. The role of the driving instructor is to teach students to respond to hazards, to cut down risks, to anticipate and take appropriate action. This is exactly what this program offers you!Anticipation is the key to success: Learn to remain in control of your mind and body so that you can demonstrate your knowledge and capabilities to their best. Christine says, “Part 3 Exam stress and the way that your body and mind respond are the same performance anxiety symptoms that actors or athletes encounter, and just like them, to be successful, you need to train your mind.

This audio program is the ‘missing ingredient’ for successful part 3 test performance”. The Part 3 Test Angel audio CD retail £21.95 contains: 

    Track 1. Introduction explaining the panic response. 
    Track 2. Learning to relax in under two minutes. 
    Track 3. Anchoring positive feelings. 
    Track 4. Programming your mind for success.

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