FAST Dual Controls Product Update

by: John Wells on

FAST Dual Controls product update

We have added a new ‘static pedal’ option to our range of ®FAST dual control systems. As the name suggests this means the dual control pedals can be set not to move when the driver operates the vehicle controls. Although it is never possible for the instructor to get his or feet trapped by a falling pedal on FAST dual controls, we are often asked whether this option is available – particularly by those who have previously used rod-operated dual controls. The main engineering advantage of the static pedal set is that the clutch cable no longer needs to travel when the driver operates the vehicle control, significantly reducing wear and tear on the system.

The purchase and fitting of car dual controls to driver training vehicles can be a major expense for driving instructors. Historically the UK was exceptional in that the majority of dual controls fitted were of a vehicle-specific design and therefore had to be considered ‘disposable’ on sale of the vehicle. This is wasteful of the ADIs hard-earned cash and an environmentally unfriendly option when compared to universal cable systems. FAST dual control brake (automatic) and brake/clutch systems for most cars cost between £200 and £260 according to standard or static pedal mechanism. Over time the FAST system offers significant savings over vehicle-specific controls because they can be fitted to any vehicle time and time again.

FAST dual controls use Bowden cables which have a nylon lining to prevent metal-to-metal contact (the cause of cable failure). The clutch/brake cables are independently tested to a breaking strain in excess of 850Kg (8.4KN) - it would take an elephant to generate that pressure! Click here to view the technical file and cable test results.

As with all cable controls, the system needs to be correctly installed and maintained to ensure trouble-free operation. It is recommended that cables are checked regularly and that they are replaced when the system is transferred to a new vehicle.

Dutch made FAT – Universal controls (marketed in GB as FAST Duals) are manufactured to the highest quality, have the coveted European TUV certification and are sold world-wide. FAT-DC, have been producing this control system for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience in their use for left and right hand drive vehicles.

Uniquely, the control system pedals can be removed simply and easily by lifting them from the support brackets on the control unit – there are no locking pins or nuts to loosen! Ideal for times when the vehicle is not being used for tuition. See our Dual Controls category for products and further information

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