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If you’re hoping to be in the driving seat soon and are adamant that you pass your driving test first time, then there are some great tips to give you confidence and ensure you have covered all the aspects you need to help you succeed. Years ago, the theory part of the UK driving test was just a few questions from the examiner, but the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) brought in the written theory test in July 1996, making all learners take a separate test to ensure they know their Highway Code. This is where the DVSA theory books play an important role.


DVSA theory books

During the written DVSA theory driving test, you will be given 50 questions that are based on multiple choice answers. However, the questions are not the same for everyone as they are randomly chosen from a bank of more than 1000 questions. In order to pass, you need to get at least 43 questions correct, so realistically you can’t guess and you have to know your Highway Code inside out. One of the best sources of information to use is a DVSA theory book that covers all aspects in easy to understand sections. If you can put in the hours to revise hard, then the DVSA theory books will be all you need to pass first time with flying colours. The books not only teach you everything you need to know about the Highway Code, but they also include lots of example questions so you can practise to your heart’s content.

Learn DVSA theory books inside out

A good way to make sure you have learned every element of the Highway Code is to practise questions with your family and friends. Ask them to randomly pick subjects and go through some of the example questions together. During the actual theory test you will only be given 57 minutes to answer all 50 questions, so when practising, bear in mind that you have no longer than around a minute for each question. The DVSA theory books are the perfect way to learn everything you need to know, from hazard awareness, road and traffic signs, vehicle loading, what to do in accidents and emergencies, safety margins and road conditions.

Practice makes perfect

Once you feel you’ve learned everything and practised the questions with your friends and family, why not watch some DVDs specifically targeted at passing your driving test, or work on some of the mock exams you can find online? The DVSA theory books also include specific editions around the Highway Code, traffic signs, test papers and official theory test handbooks. It’s worthwhile investing in all of them to ensure you have covered every angle, so you pass first time and don’t waste time or more money retaking the test. The online mock exams are quite good at giving you a guide of how well you know the Highway Code, but you need to get a good score on the mock tests before you book in your real test.

The DVSA theory books are intentionally written to give new drivers confidence in the Highway Code and to teach them all they need to know, so if you follow the guide and put some serious practice in, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pass first time.

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