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How can I stand out from the crowd as a driving instructor?


An effective marketing strategy will draw attention to your business for all the right reasons. Whether you’re a large and established driving school or a one-man band, differentiating yourself from your competitors is vital to ensuring potential customers think of you first when taking to the roads decked out with red L plates.


Graphics and decals


Going the extra mile will make a big impression on potential customers, and one way of doing this is through car graphics and decals. We offer these in the form of adhesive or magnetic door and body panels personalised with your logo and contact details. These allow plenty of extra room for large text which can advertise your website or social media channels (more on those later!) day in, day out.


Illuminated signs


We’ve previously talked about the many benefits of getting a new roof sign for your driving school, and in terms of standing out, we’d also recommend opting for one than can be illuminated to add that extra touch to your business. All of our white acrylic roof signs can be illuminated with our 12V LED roof sign illumination kit, which can be wired into the vehicle sidelight circuit. The benefit of these striking signs is increased visibility at night and on dingy days, as you’re effectively shining a spotlight onto your business.

Take to social media


With the majority of learner drivers being in their late teens or early twenties, it makes sense to promote yourself where they dwell, on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Answering questions and posting any deals or offers is an effective way of boosting your profile. Some driving schools also post photos of celebrating students who’ve successfully passed their tests. The individual students then often share these posts, which provides valuable promotion to others in the same area and of the same age range.


Optimise your website


This may sound like a given, but a user-friendly website that allows you to take bookings digitally can save you a lot of time. Strong branding is also vital, along with providing quality content in the form of news articles or blogs to ensure you’re receiving organic traffic, which can then be converted to loyal customers.