How to get your ADI vehicle learner ready

by: John Wells on

Your car is an important consideration as an approved driving instructor (ADI). There are a number of things that need to be considered in order to make it suitable for you to teach pupils in. You also need to ensure that pupils that choose to learn in their own cars follow the same guidelines. Some cars are easier for students to learn in, smaller hatchbacks for example – so bear this in mind.

reflective pairs and multi packs of L-Plates

There are a few things that need to be checked when it comes to the car you can use to teach your students. Here are the basic standards that your car needs to meet in a test situation:

  • Be taxed and have a current MOT
  • Have no warning lights showing
  • Tyres must have legal tread and be in good condition
  • Have mph speedometer
  • Be smoke free

What about insurance?

In order for your insurance to be valid you’ll need to make sure that your policy covers driver training. You also need to declare any modifications, including dual controls fitted to the vehicle.

Some cars aren’t suitable for learner drivers as the dashboard isn’t easily visible from the passenger’s seat. The DVLA have put together a list of unsuitable cars here.

L-Plates, D-Plates and P-Plates

An absolute essential for any ADI is that their car has L-Plates on the front and back; or D-Plates in Wales. It’s not only a legal requirement but also helps you have a safer lesson as other cars should react better to the training vehicle and keep their distance.

L-Plates and D-Plates

We sell both magnetic and adhesive L-Plates from as little at £1.50. We sell pairs or packs of 10, including reflective plates.

For Welsh instructors, we have the same availability for regulation size red D-Plates.


Some people choose to display P-Plates on their cars after passing their test. This helps show cars that the driver has recently passed their test and may need more space than other, more experienced drivers.

If you’re looking to sell these onto successful pupils we sell them in packs of 10 from just £7.50.

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