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MSA review of Target 51 - The Standards Check


Our latest product, Target 51 The Standards Check was recently reviewed in Newslink - the monthly publication of The Motor Schools Association (MSA):

"Written by regular Newslink columnist Steve Garrod in partnership with Dr John Wells. Target 51 is, according to the blurb on the back of the book, not intended to be yet another textbook on the theory of teaching techniques that you read from cover to cover. Rather; the content is broken down into manageable units that the trainer can dip into when time permits.The authors are true to their word and set out from the start of the book in an easy and relaxed style of writing to try and de-bunk some of the mysteries that seem to have grown up around the standards check. The book is packed with clear explanations of what is required to deliver a quality driving lesson and thereby archive a good standards check result.The book has numerous graphics and a number of post it note reminders. My favourite post it: Remember! Your preferred teaching style is not necessarily your 

pupil’s preferred learning style! 

Set out in three sections Part 1 covers the basics including what’s new in the standards check; achieving the grade; and preparing for the Standards Check. Part 2 is an insight into the competencies lesson planning; risk management and teaching and learning strategies and Part 3 covers supplementary Information like the standards check form; effective use of Q&A; giving directions and instructions, learning styles; learning domains and giving feedback.

There are a number exercises in the book designed to make the reader consider what they do – if what they do is correct and what they might to differently on their next lesson.

My favourite section is the authors reminiscing about when they first met each other at a driver education conference where they observed a number of academics presenting papers on the GDE matrix and the importance of getting the learner to plan the lesson with the trainer and the principal that learners gain skills by practice. Their conclusion… “Didn’t we used to call all this Q&A technique?”

“An excellent manual, a good read at any time and particularly before a standards check.”

John Lepine MBE Manager of the Motor Schools Association (MSA).