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Our ADI training materials can help support your initial training or CPD


One thing all approved driving instructors (ADI) know is that they have to be on top of their game at all times. Students rely on their instructors to be up to date and knowledgeable on all aspects of driving. That’s applicable whether you’re a recently qualified ADI or have been an instructor for 20+ years. In order to pass your ADI exams, you need to be confident in teaching the practical and theory elements of driving. In addition to the laws and regulations, of which are frequently changing. Once you have completed your ADI training and are a fully qualified instructor you’ll still need to keep up with changes and developments in the industry. Continued professional development (CPD) is voluntary training you can take part in to stay relevant and up to date.

CPD is something that you can decide to do as a responsible ADI and pay for yourself. According to GOV.UK you can record CPD from doing any of the following:


You can record your commitment to CPD by doing at least 7 hours every year. This will be presented to learner drivers using the government’s ‘find your nearest driving instructor’ tool. This is a highly-respected directory and will give you more business in your area.

We are continually developing our PDI and ADI training materials to make sure that they provide the most accurate and valuable information possible. Our range includes bundles of books, DVDs and prompt cards to cater to everyone’s best learning techniques.

Take a look at our ADI training materials here.

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In addition to our ADI training materials…


We sell all things related to learning to drive, for both learners and instructors. Our products include car roof signs, business cards and L-plates. Get in touch to find out more.