Preparing for the ADI standards check

by: John Wells on

Firstly, there are a few common things that ADIs fail their standards checks on:adi standards check

  • Failing to adapt during the lesson – to the drivers needs or style
  • Not properly covering risk management
  • Too much or too little communication with the pupil
  • No learning appears to take place and therefore no clear value for money

What is an ADI standards check?

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) introduced ADI standards checks to ensure that instructors teach people to drive in the most effective way possible. It is a one-hour test that assesses your ability in three areas:

Lesson planning

Risk management

Teaching and learning skills

As a registered approved driving instructor (ADI), you have to take a standards check every 4 years, whether you’re currently teaching or not. There’s no fee for a standards check and the DVSA will get in touch to let you know when and where your test will take place.

If you fail your ADI standards check you will have two more attempts before being removed from the ADI register.

What’s good about the standards check test is that you are in control. You get to choose the pupil, the route and the topic. The important thing is to make sure you’re comfortable with each part before entering the test. Where the part 3 exam for PDIs involves role play, the pupil now has to be a genuine learner or full license holder. The key to this is making sure you don’t choose an unresponsive pupil. Having a good rapport with a confident learner in the car is going to highlight your teaching ability and increase your chances of getting a better grade.

How we can help you pass

Preparing for your check test in advance can help you avoid slip ups and ensure that you make the most of your one-hour slot.

What we’ve put together at Grade Six Supplies is an easy to digest manual to help ADIs prepare for the standards check test. When the new check came into play there were lots of manuals published but we purposely created ours a year after the test was implemented, to make sure that it provides the most accurate and relevant information.

If you’re looking to pass your ADI standards check with ease order our standards check development aid here.

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