Stars Support Hard Hitting Road Safety DVD

by: John Wells on

BUSK has produced this DVD and booklet pack for all age groups who either travel by road or who make arrangements for others to do so. The pack has been produced for use by teachers and road safety professionals who deliver training to schools, youth groups, community transport groups etc.

Uniquely the DVD is broken down into several chapters so that training can be delivered not only to drivers and transport operators, but also to those being carried with a particular emphasis on child safety. The DVD uses powerful imagery and thought-provoking messages from the professionals who deal with the aftermath of an RTC. The accompanying booklet provides lesson plans and discussion points for using the resource in schools.

Target Audience: Road safety professionals, RSO's,  driver trainers, taxi driver trainers, school teachers and governors, youth groups, community transport groups, bus, coach, minibus and taxi operators.

East Yorkshire Coaches pictured on the set of Emmerdale
EYMS Group Limited pictured above on the Emmerdale Village set supported the DVD production.

What's covered?
The pack contains information for trainers targeting:
7 - 11 year-olds;
12 – 17 year olds;
Adults who travel in coaches or minibuses or who make provision for others to do so;
Adults who travel by car or taxi or make arrangements for others to do so.

Content includes:
Seatbelts, exemptions, the role of the safety belt, anchorages, design.
Child development - why the seatbelt rules seem so complex.
Injuries sustained by children as a direct result of not wearing a safety belt. 
Seat belt legislation.
Crash test dummies.
Air bags.
Where most traffic collisions happen.
Reducing passenger injury in vehicles where safety belts are not provided.
Standing Passengers.
Driver distraction.
Luggage and loads.

School Bus Crash - footage from an actual event.
Statistics - drivers and passengers in the 16 - 24 year age range.
Crash Testing.
Driver Distraction.
Outcome of Not Wearing a Safety Belt.
Child Restraints and Buckle Crunching.
Overcrowding Vehicles.
Road Traffic Collisions.
Roads Policing Unit.
Voluntary Minibus Drivers.
SOS Alert.
Emergency Equipment.
Permanent Injury.
Brain Injury.
Casualty CT Scans and Facial Injuries. (Warning, trainer to preview, some images distressing).
Corporate Manslaughter Laws.

Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

Perry Payne, Station Manager, Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service.  Everything you see here on the fire appliance is not used for putting fires out - it is used to rescue people in road traffic collisions.  "The Fire Service now rescue around 9 times more people from road traffic collisions than they do fires."

Luke Tittensor AKA Daz Eden, Emmerdale and Roxanne Pallet AKA Jo Sugden, Emmerdale.
"We belt up - you should too!"

BUSK is known throughout the United Kingdom and in Europe by road safety professionals and motor manufacturers as an organisation dedicated to improving the safe journey of pupils when they travel to and from school each day by road.  Safety on day trips organised by schools and school visits abroad are also issues that BUSK has worked tirelessly on to improve safety standards across the board.  BUSK works with all stakeholders (pupils, parents, schools, local authority, drivers, operators, outside agencies) and offers a free advice and information service for parents and schools. For more information visit the BUSK website.

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