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The Evolution of Learning to Drive


The government has been continuing its mission to improve young driver road safety.

At present, UK has one of the best road safety records in the world, but there is always more that can be done. The government’s aim to improve safety on the road has filtered down into developing and changing the way Approved Driving Instructors instruct and students learn to drive.

19% of all road user deaths, despite representing only 1% of vehicle traffic, involve motorcycles. 

1 in 5 drivers crash within the first six months of passing their test. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents stated that in 2012, inexperience was one of the big contributors to road casualties. More than 400 people are killed in crashes involving young drivers aged 17 to 24 each year. Learner drivers have few accidents because they are always under supervision. However once they’ve passed their test, their chances of crashing increase massively.

Better-prepared drivers and riders are less likely to have collisions on the road. Standards are developed and adjusted, continuously looking for ways to improve how testing assesses people’s ability to drive and ride safely through education and training.

“Teaching someone how to drive is one thing, influencing attitudes is much harder”.


Approved Driving Instructors


Evidence gathered by Goodyear backed the discussion of raising the distinction in the approach of driving instruction between acting as an instructor and acting more like a coach. The instructive approach imparts practical knowledge and tests it until it has been learnt. In contrast, the approach of a coach is to encourage and inspire a pupil to take on board the set of values.

On the 7 April 2014, the way in which approved driving instructors are assessed had changed. This move was intended to be a part of modernising the driver training industry incorporating ‘Client Centered Learning’, making sure the student learns in an effective way.

Alastair Peoples said: ‘A high level of tuition can make a real difference in helping new driver to become safe and responsible’.

Other changes to have been implemented are adding case studies and safety messages in the theory test, and removing the option of taking the theory and practical test in a foreign language. This was to ensure all new drivers could understand our road traffic signs and rules.

To improve the skills and attitudes of drivers and riders future actions will take place supporting drivers after they pass their test; offering refresher courses; making disqualified drivers re-test before getting their license back and continuing to manage drink-drive rehabilitation scheme.

By 2018, all Approved Driving Instructors would have completed the new Standards Check test. At Grade Six Supplies we will continue to supply your driving school or yourself with the latest products and learning material that will help you support and manage your students’ progress.


Grade Six Supplies are the market leader for driver training aids.


Whether your student is learning to ride a motorcycle or drive a car, we offer an extensive catalogue of driver training aids including market leading Colourfile training aids. These products are endorsed and preferred by the Driving Instructors Association as they contain realistic and achievable learning outcomes, as well as opportunity to encourage interaction between you and your students. Colourfile training aids also help to highlight essential key points of lesson planning which the new Standards Check test is placing emphasis on assessing.

Also available are Approved Driving Instructor essentials such as mirrors and FAST dual controls. These dual controls can be reused and fitted to any vehicle.