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What Mirror is Best for Driving Instructors?


When steering behind the wheel, keen observation of the road from all angles is a necessity. Mirrors are useful tools fitted in your car to broaden your view allowing you to see everything that is happening around you.

Under the UK Highway Code, all licensed instructors are required to have an instructor mirror for their safety. Blind spot and an extra interior mirror are the basic must-have mirrors as an instructor to help your new drivers change lanes, slow down in traffic, and merge onto freeways.

Blind Spot Mirrors

A blind spot refers to the area around the vehicle that the driver cannot observe with the instrumentation available to them without turning your head. The main types of blind spots include pillar blind spots that are usually blocked by the pillars of the vehicle and rear quarter blind spots. These are the areas at the side of your vehicle, towards the rear, that are neither forward enough for you to see by looking through your windscreen nor far back enough to be covered by your mirrors.  Blind spot mirrors are helpful driving instructor gadgets fitted on the side mirrors of your car to show the parts of the road hidden from your vision.



Tips and Advice for Blind Spot Mirrors

Driving Instructor Interior Mirror

An extra interior mirror is required by the instructor during driving lessons to enhance visibility in order to locate all cars and obstacles in your surroundings. Detecting vehicles behind you and clear view of the parking bay requires you to have a reliable rear-view interior mirror to help avoid bumps and crashes due to avoidable blind spots that are not in sight.  



Driving instructor mirrors are essential gadgets for instructors during lessons and tests. Ensure you purchase reliable mirrors that will surpass the test of time. Visit Grade Six Supplies for detailed information or to purchase driving instructor mirrors.