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Colourfile MAGBOARD

Price: £69.00


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Magboard features the best in road layouts adapted from our Colourfile training aids with extra road layouts and white board. All diagrams are encapsulated for use with a dry wipe pen. One of our most popular, durable and versatile products.

Your Magboard kit is supplied with 17 magnetic vehicle bases: 5 cars (36 x 17mm), 4 van (45 x 21mm), 4 cycle/motorcycle bases (25 x 10mm) and 4 small car (20mm x 9mm) for use with the Motorway and Dual Carriageway overlays.

The vehicle bases are die-cut from white foam board laminated on to a magnetic sheet.

Use the lables provided to create the vehicles of your choice by attaching them to the upper white surface of the vehicle bases. The cycle bases will also accept the pedestrian lable if desired. You may also want to personalise your magboard by attaching  spare lables directly to the road layouts. Note that 'pedestrian lables are included with backgrounds matching both road and footpath.

The Magboard kit also includes a 'dry wipe' pen which you may also use to personalise your laminated road layouts. You may find it necessary to remove well-dried ink with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

The magnetic bases are strong enough for use over a single sheet of laminated diagrams. Note that the white coated steel back plate is hinged on the opposite edge of the base board so that you can easily use both sides of the laminated road layouts.. 

ROAD LAYOUTS Include: Straight Road - Side Road Left - Side Road Right - Protected Right Turn - Open T-Junction - Closed T-Junction - Crossroads - Staggered Crossroads -Traffic Light Controlled Crossroads - Zebra Crossing - Light Controlled Pedestrian Crossing - Y-Junctions - Sharp Bend Roundabout - Mini-Roundabout - Parking Bays - One Way Systems - Dual Carriageway - Crossing Dual Carriageways - White-Board

Additional label kits (2 x standard kit), car kits (17 bases plus labels) and dry wipe pens are available.