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Driver Fault Correction

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New product released 21st May 2022

A Professional Development Aid for Potential Driving Instructors by John Wells & Steve Garrod

Published By Theory First: ISBN 9781902798769

Another self-development addition to the Target 51 stable, written for ADIs, PDIs and their trainers.

All pupils expect to have their faults corrected, regardless of what they are learning. Whether it is pronunciation while learning a foreign language, improving a tennis serve, or learning to drive, tutors and instructors (from now on known as ‘trainers’) are required to help their pupils understand how to improve their performance. Before faults can be corrected, however, they need to be identified and brought to the learner’s attention. Faults must also be analysed if the correction is to be permanent.

This guide is broken down into easily manageable sections that you can dip into and take a break from without losing track of your goals. We cover: The Fault Correction Cycle: How to Grade Driving Faults: The Effects of Trainer Error: Identifying Driving Faults: Letting the Pupil Know: Forward Thinking.

Common Faults to Remedy: Show Me Tell Me: Primary Control Faults: Manoeuvres & Associated Observation Faults: Procedural Faults: Driver Attitude Faults

Through examples and exercises, readers are encouraged to review their fault correction strategies. This helps to identify targets for further professional development. Written in an easy to read style, with humorous anecdotes and illustrations to help get the message across. This title and others in the series have a Facebook page where additional support and discussion material can be found. A4 Perfect bound 56pp