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Large KIVA Panoramic Mirror

Price: £19.50


Large interior panoramic mirror, 270 x 65 mm approx.  - Convex Glass R320*.

The glass is backed up with a substantial injection-moulded support and fitted with the exceptionally powerful KIVA locking suction cup. This mirror is best placed in the lower windscreen affording a better all round view allowing you to see bicycles, pedestrians and other vehicles in your blind spots.

Makes driving easier and safer, particularly for those with limited mobility or neck problems.

Not recommended for use in UK driving tests as a supplementary driving mirror for use by an examiner.

* Note that the mirror is unframed and made of 3mm glass with a hand-ground finish meaning that the edges of the mirror finish can appear uneven. This does not detract from functionality though may not be liked by those concerned with appearance.