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How to use and care for our ADI Official and other KIVA locking suction cup mirrors

We supply these instructions with our mirrors but repeat them here so you always have access and can preview before you buy. These instructions are for our KIVA locking suction cup mirrors, including the ADI Official mirror range which are approved for use in UK driving tests.

ADI Official mirrors are a heavy duty product fitted with a substantial injection-moulded surround and held securely to glass with the powerful KIVA locking suction cup. It is important that you adhere to these care and use instructions to get best life and reliability from your purchase.

To Install

Before using, keep the suction cup open and ensure the flexible sucker is clean.

Clean the surface where the mirror is going to be placed. Use a dry lint free cloth – do not use water, solvents or abrasives.

Place the suction cup against the glass in the desired position – apply light pressure and the cup should hold.

Switch the latch to the closed position to get maximum suction force. Now you can adjust the mirror for use. We suggest you check Kiva mirrors are firmly fixed each time you get in the vehicle.

Note that with time all suction devices will lose vacuum. For your safety we recommend that you remove the mirror at least once every 6 weeks, clean the glass and then replace it.

To Remove

Hold the mirror by it’s edge and switch the latch to the open position. You MUST lift the small tab to release the flexible cup from the glass. Even with the lock released the mirror will still be firmly attached. Failure to lift the tab can result in breakage of the mirror assembly.