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How to use and take care of magnetic car decals.

We supply these instructions with our signage products but repeat them here so you always have access and can preview before you buy. These instructions are for our magnetic vehicle panels including door panels, magnetic ADI, ORDIT and Pass Plus display signs, magnetic decals and magnetic safety signs.


If your decal has arrived in a roll or appears creased, lay in a warm place on a flat surface for a few hours or overnight. A useful tip is to place on the warm side of a fridge or freezer.


Do not apply magnetic sheet to newly painted surfaces, especially non factory applied finishes. Ensure that both the vehicle panel and the underside of the decal is clean, dry and free of dust, grit and ice before applying.

To adhere corectly the whole of a magnetic decal needs to be on a uniform ferrous metal surface. Do not attempt to place decals over a panel crease or hollow. Do not exceed the legal speed limit. In adverse weather conditions such as strong winds, remove decals from vehicle.


DO NOT DRAG DECALS OVER THE VEHICLE PANEL. If any grit is trapped, you could scratch the paintwork.

IMPORTANT: You must regularly (every 2-3 days) remove the panels and clean/wax the bodywork behind them. This is particularly important in hot weather when you are recommended to remove the panels at the end of every day. Likewise, when there is danger of overnight frost/ice, remove the panels otherwise ice can creep behind them. Note that the material will stiffen in cold weather increasing the risk of loss in windy conditions.

The magnetic properties of the sheet comply with European standards as suitable for use on vehicles. However, as neither we nor the manufacturer have any control over how the magnetic decals are used or maintained, we do not give any guarantee that decals will not fall off the vehicle during use.


Magnetic decals are best kept by placing on a flat surface in a cool dry environment. Applying excessive heat can reduce the magnetic properties of the material. Long term storage against other magnets can also damage your signs. The use of magnetic sheet for vehicle signs may, in exceptional circumstances, result in damage to vehicle paintwork.

The advice above is given to minimise the risk of such damage occurring. Whilst extensive tests by the manufacturer have not given rise to incidences of paintwork damage whilst following the advice in this care sheet, neither the manufacturer nor Grade Six Supplies Ltd guarantee that there will not be an adverse reaction between the magnetic sheet and the vehicle paintwork.