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How to use and care for our Magnetic Roof Signs

We supply these instructions with our signage products but repeat them here so you always have access and can preview before you buy. These instructions are for our Neo-lite magnetic vehicle roof signs – the gloss finish ultra-light acrylic roof signs exclusive to Grade Six Supplies.


Neo-Lite signs are fitted with Neodymium rare earth magnets which generate powerful magnetic fields: Pacemakers and magnetically stored data (credit cards, computer disks etc) may be adversely affected by strong magnets: Keep them well apart. These magnets may be attracted to steel over wide distances.


Ensure vehicle roof is clean, dry and free of grease, wax polish and ice. The sign should be placed centrally on the roof ensuring that magnets have maximum contact with the surface.

To prevent damage to vehicle paintwork when placing or removing the sign, we recommend application of a clear plastic protective vinyl (roof film) or a rubber roof seal. These products are available from our signage accessories catalogue.

DO NOT exceed the legal speed limit. In adverse weather conditions such as strong winds, remove sign from roof. Note that there is a blog post on using our signs for Motorway Tuition.

DO NOT LEAVE THE SIGN ON YOUR CAR ROOF WHEN THERE IS A RISK OF ICE: Overnight, ice can creep beneath magnets and the sign may lose grip.


Place centrally on the roof. Rest the sign on a long edge placing your hands beneath the sign on the opposite edge and lower gently into position.

TO REMOVE: Place hands underneath a long edge and tilt to raise the magnets. DO NOT raise or lower sign from a short edge.


Regularly (we recommend at least twice a week), remove the sign and check magnet assembly rubber covers and car roof for contamination. Clean as required. Although the magnet base assembly is nickel-plated be aware that the ferrous metal parts will form rust over time so it is important to check them regularly to avoid marking your vehicle paintwork.

NOTE: If you have ordered two or more signs they may be supplied with bases packed loose. Affix with the nylon nuts and bolts supplied and hand tighten only. In any case check nylon nuts and bolts regularly for security.


Washing the sign periodically with slightly soapy water (washing up liquid) should be sufficient to keep the sign clean. Dried on dirt and insect debris should be soaked thoroughly before attempting to remove. To avoid damage to the vinyl, do not use abrasives, or cleaning products that contain solvents. Do not use a pressure washer on your sign.