Essential driving school supplies for self-employed driving instructors

by: John Wells on

Building a career as a driving instructor can be incredibly rewarding. Far from being chained to a desk, it’s a lifestyle that offers independence both for you, and for the individuals you teach, as they gain confidence on the roads.

When it comes to being a self-employed driving instructor, you want to make sure your business looks and functions professionally. Here’s how Grade Six Supplies can help with essential driving school supplies.

Up-to-date driving school supplies

If you’re aiming to become a self-employed driving instructor, you will need to take on a series of challenging tests. And even when you’re qualified, the learning experience continues, as thinking around best practice in driving evolves.

Our market leading Theory First training aids and manuals for PDI and ADI tests are perfect for qualified and trainee driving instructors, and are recommended for parts 1, 2 and 3 and the Standards check. Manuals include the 2017 edition of Colourfile Professional 3, which features new diagrams in response to changes to the UK driving test.

If you’re looking for more comprehensive reading materials, our books include Practical Teaching Skills for Driving Instructors, and the Official DVSA Guide to Driving. We also have a suite of driving school supplies media such as the only official DVSA fully interactive hazard perception DVD for all drivers and motorcyclists, and Roadcraft – the Advanced Driving DVD that tracks police candidates on an advanced driving course. Need the complete works? Check out our training packs and bundles.

2.A safe set-up

Safety is paramount for a driving instructor, and professional driving school supplies such as vehicle equipment should be carefully selected and installed. Our FAST dual controls are ideal for both automatics and manuals; they can be used in compact cars, and can be transferred to a different vehicle if you change or upgrade. All our systems offer adjustable pedal height and quick release pedals.

Whether you have a right hand or left hand drive, we offer the specific parts you will need all the way up to the complete kit which include an accelerator pedal as well as the usual brake and clutch. We can also provide replacement cables and parts from pedal springs to adaptor brackets.

We have a great range of mirrors too, from our exclusive Optimum Eye Check mirror, to the reliable Kiva locking suction interior mirror set, to our complete Motaysan 3-in-1 instructor mirror set.

The right look

If you’re a self-employed driving instructor, you’ll need to make sure your business looks trustworthy and credible. Ensure that your clients are impressed when you pull up at their driveway with professional signage on your vehicle.

A distinctive, aerodynamic roof sign is a must, and it’s important to keep any messaging simple – after all, passers-by aren’t likely to see much as you drive past. You’ll need your business name, a website address and phone number, all easily readable. Check out our blog for more guidance on getting the right signage for your vehicle.

We also provide built-to-last eco-friendly adhesive door and body panels to give proper exposure to your business name. We have stock sizes available, but can also create bespoke signage, designed how you want it to appear. Our adhesive panels can be removed if you decide to sell your car on.

You can help to reinforce your credibility as an instructor by making your qualifications visible too. After all, you’ve worked hard for them. We have a range of ADI and Pass Plus display decals for qualified Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructors. We also provide those all-important driving school supplies, such as magnetic and adhesive L-plates, P-plates and D-plates.

For all your needs, visit Grade Six Supplies. With fantastic service and great quality driving school supplies, we are chosen time and time again by driving instructors. You can also contact us for advice on 01353 749807.

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